Saturday, May 28, 2011

And, Homeschooling is Finished

I'm sitting in our room at the Gaylord Palms Resort where our daughter will graduate tomorrow morning. People often ask me why we homeschooled our children and I have a couple of pretty legitimate-sounding reasons I tell them, but the reality is I am selfish. I really like my kids, I love them, but I like them, too. I enjoy being with them. They are witty, articulate, and fun to be around. I got to explore the world with people who saw everything with fresh eyes and new enthusiasm. I got excited about Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, Shakespeare, poetry and creative writing. Some things were more work than pleasure, we did study Math, but mostly we had a wonderful time together. Now we have finished, 18 years after our son started Kindergarden, and while there is some sadness in the ending, mostly there is joy. Our children have become adults who are pursuing their dreams and are still lovely to be around.

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