Monday, January 20, 2014


I seem to have missed an entire year on my blog. I must have been busy but I can't remember what occupied my attention. Of course, at my age, one doesn't expect to remember much... My son came home from Korea and now he's off again for a year. It was wonderful to have him here during some of the holiday season.

I am an Ambassador for Barefoot Books, which means I sell them. I'm not sure why I get involved in these kinds of things, I'm a wretched salesman. I love these books though. They're very colorful and diverse and there are books for infants to young teens. Maybe I'm grasping after homeschooling - I do miss it. If you ever want to buy some charming books for someone check out my website                                           

I made a list of New Year's goals. So far I'm not doing so well but, I figure, a goal is something you work toward, right? I still have 11 months to accomplish something. This is what I decided to work on this year:
1. Read the entire Bible (three chapters a day). This one I'm doing pretty well with.
2. Do The Happiness Project. Not completely sure what I mean by do. This is a book by Gretchen Rubin and my daughter and I are reading it but haven't really done a lot as far as implementing the ideas. I guess we'll figure this out as we read the book.
3. Read a book about writing every two months.
4. Check my blood sugar level three to four times a day and write it down. The writing down is very difficult for me which makes it hard to see patterns so my insulin can be adjusted. Intellectually I know I need to do this. I don't know why it's so difficult but it's only been 43 years since I was diagnosed and some things take a while to sink in....
5. Exercise five or more days a week.
6. Read 50 books this year. This seems a little pathetic since I love books but for the past few years I've completely lost my reading mojo. I'm not sure why; I have much worse eyesight now, age is messing me up, who knows, but last year I seemed to come out of my funk a little so I'd like to get back to reading more consistently.
7. Write five days a week. Writing is a long-held dream.
8. Get to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Hard when it's cold!
9. Restart blog - Yay, here I am.
10. Work on a new craft quarterly. I started with knitting and I'm aggravated by how hard this skill is for me. I am trudging on though and hopefully I'll get it.
11. Keep in touch. I am very bad at keeping in touch with people. I think up clever letters in my head all the time but I never seem to get them written. It's reached a point where a beloved family member has told me everyone thinks I don't care. Ouch, so not true.

Anyway, there they are. Obviously I'm mostly telling myself I need to get off my butt and DO something this year. I move slowly but hopefully I will make progress now that I've embarrassed myself with putting this out there. How are you doing in 2014?